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How to Get Your Home Back in Shape After the Holidays

Jeanne Taylor, A Houzz contributor, and home organizer offers tips on getting your home back in shape after the holidays.

For many people, the week between Christmas and New Year’s can be chaotic, with the kids home from school, the grown-ups off work and winter weather keeping everyone indoors. New toys and books may be scattered across the living room, and gifts to return piled up under the tree. By Jan. 2, we’re often ready to be done with the whole holiday season.

In case that describes you, here are some tips for getting your home back in order for the start of the new year. With a little extra effort, you can get your home in better shape than before the season began.

1. Corral your outdoor decorations.
As most people do, place your outdoor items all together — perhaps in the attic or basement — for easy retrieval next December. But before packing lights, replace burned-out bulbs and dispose of strands not working properly. It’s a good idea to wrap your lights around coffee cans or cardboard pieces to prevent them from tangling.

Wreaths take a bit of special care to preserve their shape. I recommend you keep them in storage containers specifically designed for wreaths, making sure your containers can accommodate bows and other attachments without squishing them. Another good option is to hang wreaths in a closet. Using twine, attach the wreath to the hook of a hanger and cover with a dry-cleaning bag or large trash bag to protect it. Some of my clients also hang wreaths on hooks in their basement or on garment racks.

Garlands can be wrapped and tied with twine and stored in large boxes. I personally prefer airtight plastic containers for all of my holiday decor to keep out dust, moisture, and pests.

Holiday lawn decor may be too large to fit in a box, and if this is the case I recommend you use large garbage bags to protect and keep items clean.

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