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When Michelle and her business partner Angela first came to meet up with me and my siblings to sell our mom’s house, we didn’t know them from Adam! Professionally, they had their pitch down perfect and impressed us with their strategic marketing plan on how they would reach targets of buyers. We were sold! What sold us even more later were the countless number of service professionals who gave us unsolicited praises about Michelle and Angela’s professionalism, integrity, industry knowlege, and past successes! All in all, the one common thought that seemed to come through about Michelle was her sincere care and consideration for her clients. Selling our mom’s house was not so cut and dry. Our first buyer backed out due to terminal illness; immediately another buyer was lined up, but he too had a medical issue that caused him to back out. Again, without losing a beat, Michelle popped up with another potential buyer….three was the magic charm. We closed immediately without a glitch! The wonderful thing through all this was mom’s house didn’t get a chance to collect dust…one after the other, Michelle came through with a potential buyer and interested parties! She was there to support me and my siblings all the way every step, emotionally, mentally, spirtitually, and physically! Would I recommend Michelle? Without a doubt!!! Michelle knows her stuff, can get you the best price, and you walk away not just adding her to your database of realtors you know, but you will be adding her as your new best friend!